CCAAT Enhancer-binding Protein Alpha (CEBPA) Gene Expression in a Cohort of Turkish Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Tuba KABASAKAL1,Mustafa Ertan AY1,Kenan ÇEVİK1,Anıl TOMBAK2,Özlem İZCİ AY1,Mehmet Emin ERDAL1
1Department of Medical Biology and Genetics, Mersin University, Mersin-Turkey
2Department of Hematology and Oncology, Mersin University, Mersin-Turkey
DOI : 10.5505/tjo.2021.2825 OBJECTIVE
Hematopoiesis is regulated and maintained by the function of the particular transcription factors. CCAAT enhancer-binding protein alpha (CEBPA), an important transcription factor, has a part in the regulation of cell cycle, granulocytic differentiation, and more. The possible role of CEBPA in multiple myeloma (MM) development has not been clarified so far. Therefore, this study aimed to explore the relationship between the expression levels of the CEBPA gene in Turkish patients diagnosed with MM.

Using quantitative real-time PCR, the expression level of the CEBPA gene was examined in the bone marrow samples of 44 MM patients and 13 healthy controls. Statistical analyses were performed using SPSS, 13.3.1, and p<0.05 was evaluated as statistical significance level.

Although there was a decrease CEBPA expression levels in the patient group compared to the control group, no statistically significant relationship was found in terms of CEBPA gene expression level and MM compared with the controls (p=0.436).

Our findings suggest that the change in the expression level of CEBPA transcript itself has probably no effect in the pathogenesis of MM patients, although it is an important problem that needs further researches with large-scale samples. Keywords : Bone marrow; CEBPA; gene expression; multiple myeloma; transcription factor