The Effect of Body Image Concerns, Anxiety, and Depression on Sexual Problems in Gynecological Cancer Patients
Dilek ANUK1
1Division of Consultation Liaison, Department of Psychiatry, Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul-Turkey DOI : 10.5505/tjo.2022.3541 Gynecological cancers and their treatments directly affect the female genitals. Therefore, gynecological cancers are one of the cancer types where sexual dysfunctions are most common. Sexual problems can be a normal result of treatment processes and of cancer, as well as a reflection of the psychological difficulties experienced by individuals during the disease process. The disease itself and the treatments applied can cause psychiatric problems such as body image concern, depression, anxiety, decreased selfesteem, sleep disorders, and sexual dysfunction affect the quality of life negatively. The psychological treatment methods include psychoeducation, group therapy, sexual counseling, marriage counseling, structured psychotherapy, and brief psychosexual interventions. Psychiatric symptoms should be considered to emerge following treatment and quality of life and sexual functions may be adversely affected in gynecological cancer patients, and a multidisciplinary approach including psychological treatment and symptom management should be provided for the effective treatment of sexual difficulties. Keywords : Anxiety; body image; depression; gynecological cancer; sexual dysfunction